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Reasons Why You need Visitor Management

Modern Reception

In this period of a worldwide pandemic, shared safety responsibilities is crucial for everyone while accessing places and information has become extremely crucial in managing access. ReVisit visitor management system captures more value from your visitors while ensuring everyone’s safety and contact tracing on premises.  While a good receptionist welcomes your visitors with a smile and greeting, a smart reception will capture, store and analyze much more than that. Disinfecting access devices is quicker and safer than disinfecting a log book.

ReVisit manages the what, why, who, when and how of your office’s visitor log, helps sets up appointments and keep data organized for analysis. 


Here are the 10 reasons to have a smart visitor management system:

1. Capture more than just the name:

Typically, a reception only notes the name of the visitor. There’s no visual information that’s collected.  ReVisit automatically captures much more information such as the date and time, picture, the purpose of visit and the person of interest. So, you will always know who visited you on that random day and time.

2. Leverage digital power:

ReVisit visitor management solution stores the information of your visitors digitally, creates a simple database and also provides actionable insights through an inbuilt dashboard. Avoid the hassle of bulky books and worn out registers that clutter your reception. 

3. Let your people be aware:

ReVisit enables your staff to be notified when visitors references their name, and they can choose to accept or deny the invitation.

4. Limit access for visitors:

Revisit visitor management system allows the user to customize the level of access you provide your visitors. So, while they are more than welcome to the lounge area, they won’t be gate crashing any ongoing meetings or walking into the wrong departments. 

5. Security

Your visitors will have to feed in their user unique generated tag code when they register on arrival. And provide their email address. So, no surprises when your visitors arrive. 

6. Convenience

Once registered and verified, your visitors will not have to re-enter their details, every time they come. It’s only once. Our platform will remember them and greet them when they visit. 

7. Cloud-connected

Multiple offices? No worries. Our cloud-based visitor management systemhelps companies with multiple branches to access the same database containing visitor data. Your visitors only need to register once and their information will be available across your network of branches.

8. Quick

Avoid wasting time looking for visitor information and sharing with different stakeholders across your organization. With one point of access, you have all the information you need about your visitors. Share it with your employees or with your teams in a couple of clicks.

9. Safe

Our highly sophisticated visitor management system stores valuable information with the highest level of encryption and cybersecurity. So, you and your visitors can be assured and be protected from prying eyes.

10. Control the spread

Disinfecting access devices is quicker and safer than disinfecting a log book. Its a better to dispose printed id tags than sanitize reusable plastic id cards.