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Introducing ReVisit Visitor Management Solution.

At Dream Bench Technology limited we focus on minimizing technology challenges faced by clients by innovation of software, products, services and other wide range technology solutions offerings. We currently have built solutions which address such needs. One of which is called ReVisit.

ReVisit is an innovative security based system that enables businesses to track visitors, enforce protocols and compliance as well as grant access to offices, facilities and other secure sites while improving the welcome experience.

ReVisit quickens both the visitor check-in process and meeting scheduling by capturing images, sending instant visitor notifications to staff, printing custom badges, collecting signatures amongst others all with just a few on-screen taps. Package delivery by couriers is easily handle

  • Helps to boost front desk efficiency. Signing in is quick irrespective of the number of Daily visitors.
  • Visitor sign-in process is streamlined
  • Better first impression that last on the minds of your visitors.
  • Our customizable solution is a pleasantly unexpected way to showcase your brand and get your guest blown away with a modern first impression.
  • Know who is in the building.
  • With badge printing, visitor photos and a real-time dashboard, you’ll always know who is authorized to be on-site.
  • Multiple sign in points eliminates long sign in queues that typically results from having large number of visitors.
  • An emergency? One button Click to notify all guests in the facility of the status of such within seconds!
  • Access customer and guest’s “walk-in” data across various locations remotely.
  • Visitor pre-registration to tightly control authorized visitor entry.


Our powerful Visitor Management Solution provides you all the tools you need to make every customer, guest and stakeholders visit count. It automates the sign-in process by allowing your visitors to check-in themselves while you concentrate on according them a friendly and befitting welcome. In addition to other features, our second to none Visitor Management system embodies:


The components that control and make up the sign-in flow revisit offers ensure its flexibility in application to any customer/guest journey the user’s may need, these components are listed below.

System Form Fields Manager
This system lets users define what fields are required or optional and also manage the system defined fields they need from their guests to let them sign in.

Custom Fields Manager
This setting allows users define extra non system fields for their guests to fill before sign-in, it also offers a mean to make such fields compulsory or optional, these fields are usually for edge case management as ReVisit’s system fields are always being updated to handle any important data field for sign-ins

Unlimited Sign-In system
This feature module allows ReVisit be deployed on multiple devices in the same location to speed up sign-in process on busy days ensuring scalability with volume.

Guest Recognition
This feature module ensures that returning guests and appointment guests are recognized upon check in, leaving them with fantastic first impressions.

Package Delivery System
This feature module provides the means for courier agents to drop off deliveries at specific locations(Reception or Security) and it handles notifications of intended recipient and package location information and transfer data as well in the case the package is moved to a mail room in the organization if that is supported by the user, Photographs of the packages are available for the recipient to view and find their product and inventory is easily managed by the ReVisit Receptionist or ReVisit Security Module.

Entry Points Management System
This feature caters to organizations that have multiple receptions in the same building, basically it lets users track and restrict guests in their premises by allocating staff to specific reception areas that are reachable by them and ensuring that the guests tag code is only valid for the area where their host is present in such as “First Floor” or “Last Floor” Areas. This reduces the chance of “Host Hopping” within the premises and mitigates possible gaps in security. Entry points are limited by the package a user is subscribed to and range from 2 to 5 to unlimited. They are only accessible via premium to enterprise packages.


The dashboards serve as the life blood of the Revv platform and serve as the management point for any and all system features. The following dashboards are supported by ReVisit and Revv

Client Dashboard
This dashboard is the management hub for subscribed organizations, it allows users carry out system wide settings updates and data operations, from obtaining guest lists to managing locations, subscriptions, data visualization/analytics. and much more.

Staff Dashboard
This dashboard is the management hub for registered staff profiles by organizations on the platform. They allow them use the staff concerned areas of any Revv Platform product and provide secure means of access to them. For ReVisit, the staff dashboard allows staff to view their guests for the day create and manage appointments, accept or reject guests as well as black list guests they don’t want to see and more.

Revv User Dashboard
The Revv user dashboard is used in identity management for the Revv platform, it allows users manage their profile and grants them speedy verification via all Revv Tech solutions via their verified accounts. This ensures data synchronicity and reduces identity theft and fraud at any facility using ReVisit.


The appearance and customizations ReVisit offers are quite a lot and cater to just about any needs an organization may face in the course of deploying the solution. Below are the settings sections for appearance management and their description.

Logo and Custom colors
This setting is responsible for picking client logo and generating custom colors from them to beautify the guest welcome interface

Slideshow background
This setting allows users provide a group of images (10 max) to the ReVisit appearance manager which in turn converts them into a slideshow for the ReVisit interfaces. This can be useful for showcasing the brand and promo offerings to guests at sign in

Video background
This setting lets users provide a WEBM and a MP4 version of a video to be used as their interface background providing them a very great means of brand showcase through moving ad like videos that suit the need.

Custom Primary and Secondary Background
This setting provides users with two image options that can be used to showcase their brand. The primary image is set to the application home screen interface while the secondary image acts as the background for the application operation screen interfaces.

System theme Color Accent
The colour accent system allows users to choose predesigned color theme templates for their ReVisit interfaces, there is a minimum of seven color accent templates to choose from (Rainbow) and each one gives a unique feel that may satisfy a user’s brand colors and tastes.

System Background Presets
This setting lets users choose a background from a series of preset backgrounds spanning various categories from Art to Technology.

System Background blur Effect
This setting lets users control the background blur effect as it affects the primary display image on the home screen, the effect blurs the background ensuring guests focus on the centre.


The ReVisit Notifications module is responsible for routing data notifications via email and SMS to required parties, the following are the list of notifications that revisit supports:

SMS Notifications
Revv utilizes short messaging services (SMS) to ensure full coverage on information dissemination in the use of any of its platform products. These units are given to specific limits for free on each subscription for a platform solution and though consumable can be replenished via purchasing more when the free ones have expired

Email Notifications
The Revv platform makes use of customizable email notifications to carry all stakeholders in any of its solution along with necessary information. Emails from the Revv platform are completely free

Guest Appointment Confirmation
The guest appointment confirmation system is responsible for generating notifications to the hosts and guests in the course of setting up an appointment request (by the guest) and appointment date (by the host), its main purpose is to ensure both parties have the details and tools required to make the appointment seamless.

Host-Guest Acceptance System
This system is responsible for creating notifications with information concerning the state of the guest’s presence in the facility or on premise, it allows all stakeholders know if a guest has been accepted or rejected ensuring better security and saving time for all parties involved.

Guest Sign-In Notification
This system simply generates notifications for the hosts alerting them to new guests and providing them the means to take the next steps in the visitation process

Blacklist Sign-In Notification
The Blacklist system is a security feature that comes with ReVisit, it allows users block guests from their guest list or by their details such as phone numbers, emails, or organization or system IP-address or combination of said details. The Blacklist Sign-In Notification system is in charge of alerting security and target personnel about such a person’s presence on the facility reducing possible gaps in security.

Waiting Guests Monitoring system
This system watches for waiting guests in the facility, ReVisit considers guests that have been accepted but put on a delay as waiting guests by default. This notification allows security personnel know who is being delayed and track their hosts and also reminds hosts about their waiting guests when the reminder time frame they set has elapsed.

Emergency Notification
The Revv platform offers emergency notification systems across some of its products, ReVisit included, these notifications are sent to the guests signed-in to the facility and the staffs hosting them via email and SMS.


Overstaying Guests Monitoring System
The Overstay monitor system lets ReVisit users specify a maximum duration a guest can stay with the facility before overstaying their welcome, this system helps keep track of long staying guests and reduces the chances of them posing security risk as the ReVisit security control module would receive notifications from this system and show the security agents on ground for further actions on their part

Over-Crowding Monitor system
This system lets users specify a guest size limit for the total signed in guests in their facility, when in use should the number of guests signed in exceed this value the guest welcome modules will automatically deny access to any more guests and notify security and other specified parties about the crowd issue.

Guest Check System
This system is a monitoring system by ReVisit and it is active by default, it basically monitors guests that have spent at least 2 hours on premises and notifies their host as a reminder to confirm is their guest are still around, this system allows staff become more security conscious as they would have the power to track their guest’s presence in the facility in the event they’re not with them anymore and presumed to have left.

Package Delivery System
This system is geared toward monitoring and tracking of dropped-off packages on the premises, it allows an easy means of inventory taking and package reception confirmation by the target staff. The notifications system here is in charge of letting the staff know of their package’s presence on premise and its location e.g. “Reception”, “Security” or “A mail room”

Systems Notification manager
This system allows users specify multiple recipients for different types of notifications, from blacklist alerts to crowd monitoring and overstay monitoring, ensuring the right message gets to the right hands.


ReVisit offers support for appointments across all its tiers, the modules pertaining to appointment management are as follows:

Guest Appointment Request system
This system allows guests (via Guest Welcome Interface) and Revv Users request for appointments from registered staff in the user’s organization, these requests may be honoured or ignored by the staff with ease.

Staff Appointment Manager
This module is tied to the staff dashboard and offers staff (granted access) the ability to create appointments

Staff Direct Appointment Manager
This system lets staff handles appointment requests sent to them from guests or Revv users, the system functions independent of their staff dashboard and is a quick way to handle such requests.


The Revv platform and solutions integrate with your current productivity apps ensuring you enjoy your comfort zone whilst getting the best from us. Our solutions also integrate with each other where possible, providing an extremely seamless experience for both you and your customers. Presently the Revisit connects with the following platforms;
1. Mail Chimp
2. GSuite
3. RevvEvent
4. HubSpot


Revisit is hosted using Amazon Web Services which provides a high level of security and compliance requirements, such as data locality, protection, and confidentiality with our comprehensive services and features. AWS allows us to automate manual security tasks so we can shift our focus to scaling and improving on the solution better for our client.


The Revvtech platform offers its solution in the 3 different deployment mode specific to the client need.
1. Cloud SaaS Subscription
2. Hybrid (Cloud and Local) License + maintenance
3. On-Premise (Intranet) License + maintenance

For further information on ReVisit please contact us.