DreamBench Technology Limited is a Software Development and Technology Service Company. We aim to minimize technological challenges by innovating software products, services, and technology solutions to and for our clients

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About DreamBench

Dream Bench Technology was established in 2016 to provide information technology solutions for organizations. We are a tech-intensive corporation geared towards delivering state-of-the-art solutions in areas of integrated business solutions, system applications, product development, Internet/Intranet applications and communication, network management services and SAAS Products delivery amongst others.

We strive to deliver rapid, reliable and robust information technology solutions, through detailed understanding of our clients needs or unique identification of addressable issues in our country’s technology environment and by extension Africa. As you proceed down this page, we’ll show the WHY for our involvement in technology and the HOW we provide solutions.

Our Core Values

DreamBench is equipped with one of the best team and imaginative minds to bring about creativity in the products and solutions we deliver

We are concerned with creating solutions that are innovative which creates value and change the way how our clients thinks.

Our goal is the development of robust solutions that are built to meet every client requirements and needs

The combined experience of our team gives us the ability to develop high quality solutions that meets our clients needs.

Our team of experienced experts ensure we provide a unique approach and solution to challenges our clients present to us

We strive to provide efficient development, deployment and performance of all product and services we create for our clients.

Our Mission

The business mission of DreamBench is ``excellence in expertise`` - expertise in technological solutions, organizational culture and people at large.


Our Vision

To become Africa's leading technology based solution company that is at the forefront in creation and adoption of ground breaking technologies

Our Ecosystem

Data Obtained from the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics

Based on the above report, we can establish that the information and technology sector is experiencing serious growth, coupling that with trade, and the largest market in Africa it is no understatement that the technology industry is going to play a major role in economic growth. Seeing this opportunity, DreamBench has been strategically positioned to tackle every technology challenge that might emerge in the course of advancing the industry, and understanding that we are at a foundational state, and our economy is growing, one of our main focus is creating the market from grassroots, scaling to the top of our country’s technology consumer chain for purveying useful tech-based solutions that improve the quality of living as well as productivity in business and other linked sectors of the economy.



At Dream bench, every project is unique to us, we take time to guide you through the process from start to finish on obtaining the best possible result from your project. And it doesn’t stop there, we focus on building relationships that last, not just sales, as you would see from our brief expo on how we do things below.

Client Meeting

At this point, you've probably heard about us and are interested in letting us handle your project or provide you with services you want. Our meetings can be done face to face but are mostly carried out via video communication applications such as skype or via emails, in the course of conversing about a project or idea with you we have a policy of seeing our clients at least once, to ensure you know who we are in person and can attach faces to the names in further conversations via communication media. The crux of the meetings at this point is simply to get on a level field as regards the project at hand and to setup pointers for the direction of the project, sometimes even going past its execution or deployment date. In addition, project timelines and conciseness on deliverables are also defined.


Research &
Data Analysis

After parameters of the project are given, we get to work on furthering our understanding on what you need, especially when the project involves an unrelated field that is looking to implement technology solutons to improve its productivity. we analyze the data we obtain from our research in order to see the optimal solutions we can provide for you in three possible ways;
Complete Package:- this has your deliverables, and more useful additions to it, it comprises advancements that are deemed necessary in assisting full productivity with the solution being provided. Explanations will always be provided to give you an understanding of the importance of said improvements offered.
Optimal Package:- this package involves a complete set of your deliverable and few key upgrades to the solution.
Minimalist package:- with this package, only your deliverables are catered to. It is the least costly of all the packages and has several overheads in terms of updates and upgrades to it.
Our reasons for presenting this package is a direct attempt to ensure you can always find cost flexibility and quality assurance.

Project Brief

After our analysis is complete we present to you a brief containing all the information we have produced concerning your project. Included in this brief would be a cost for all the three packages derived from our analysis and timelines from development to deployment, in some cases only one package(Minimal) would be present as the solution may be extremely directed and concise that improvements or additions are of no neccesity.


Client Review

At this point, you are expected to go through the content of our brief and layout your concerns, additions and subtractions, including cost negotiations, where possible.

Final Proposal

After discussions have been completed and agreements reached, the final proposal is drafted out, sent to you and an acknowledgement letter from your business stating express consent to we carrying out your project based on the proposal presented.


Sketch, Develop,
Preview & Improve

This is where the work starts, sketches are for projects that involve user interface presentations, these are usually sent to you for one-time reviews and undergo changes as per your reactions to them, development work begins after the sketches(where necessary) are agreed to, it involves the myriad of activities required to bring your project to life. When the project is near completion, we make a preview of it to you either in person or via real-time communication media, fixes and minor improvements can be made at this point, once more, we do not condone rapid fluctuating changes and as such limit the fixes to two-time bulk fixes and improvements where necessary, after which, overhead costs for such changes would be applied.

Deployment & Training

Here, your project is finished, we both like what we see, and you want to get started with using your new solution, we hold trainings based on the number of individuals to be taught and the level of proficiency intended for the trainees with using the provided solution.



This occurs on a monthly or on demand basis, the cost for handling maintenance work varies depending on the maintenance package you subscribe to or request. Concerning updates, we understand that no system is particularly perfect on deployment hence we make room for a period varying from a week to a month after deployment to tend to minor updates to your project at extremely low costs, then afterwards, if you still need such services, you would have to subscribe to a maintenance package. Upgrades are major changes or additions to the solutions provided, they are usually requested by you or suggested by us to you.